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Pergola rain sensor for automatic closing

By adding a rain sensor to your patio cover you’ll never have to worry about the weather again. Your garden furniture will always stay dry, even if you’re not at home when it starts to pour - the rain sensor will automatically close the roof shutters.

Pergola wind sensor for automatic opening

Windy conditions? The wind sensor automatically opens the roof shutters to protect patio cover and your property in your absence.

Pergola speaker

Sound integrated system allow you to listen to your favourite music with a direct radio access, USB adaptor and Bluetooth.

Electric pergola heaters

Our range of heaters, Habitat HOT, are specially indicated for outdoor areas, where they generate pleasant and constant heat zones, thanks to efficient heating systems. Suitable for wall and ceiling mounting, as well as flexible positioning with indoor and outdoor tripod.

Pergola door insects screens

Enjoy great weather conditions without annoying insects with Habitat NET mosquito nets, exclusively designed for SeeGlass glass enclosure systems. Thanks to our mosquito nets you can enjoy the outdoors without having to worry about mosquitoes, flies, wasps, etc.

Pergola lighting

Pergola LED lighting
Pergola spotlights lighting