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Garden Design

At City Garden Doctors, we create beautiful, bespoke Garden Designs with you on our mind. Our Garden Design service is intended to give you the option of planning your perfect garden from the initial spark of an idea, into a beautiful, physical location. When you use our service, you will be guaranteed to be dealt with care and consideration. Our team of highly trained designers will take you through the process of creating the perfect location for you to enjoy. Garden Design is all about you, what you want and what you need, that’s why we take your needs and wants into every aspect of the design, from an initial concept, to those personalised touches that you must have – we achieve the perfect landscape, personalised and created for you. Whatever your needs and preferences are towards your garden or other location, we have the team and tools to help you achieve your dream.


Our Landscape Design services can be divided into hardscape and softscape design that means the hard landscape elements: paving, walling, fencing, decking, pergolas, gazebos, water features and other architectural elements that we offer can be harmoniously composed into the living tissue of existing planting scheme or newly created planting scheme – softscape. We will design your garden or part of it to match our design with existing elements of your garden and its surroundings which you intend to keep. We will create a space to match your taste and meet the needs.


We use an advanced 3D CAD (Computer Assisted Design) with very realistic graphics to anable you see the end result of the design vividly and clearly from every possible angle before even a single brick is laid, before a single pence is spent. Letting us design your garden is not an extravagance. Quite opposite, the decision to have your garden designed by us is the best way to make sure you spend your money well avoiding costly mistakes.

City Garden Doctors garden design example - VIDEO


Formal or informal, modern or traditional, oriental and mediterranean, garden for kids, recreation and relaxation – we are proud to offer a fantastic service and can’t wait to see what we can create for you.

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