Garden Design & Landscaping Manchester

At City Garden Doctors, we specialise in all things gardening! One of the many services we offer is the Landscape Design service. Landscape Design covers a wide range of services all bundled into one, giving you the option of planning your perfect garden from the initial spark of an idea, into a beautiful, physical location. When you use our service, you will be guaranteed to be dealt with care and consideration. Our team of highly trained designers will take you through the process of creating the perfect location for you to enjoy. Landscape Design is all about you, what you want, that’s why we take your needs and wants into every aspect of the design, from your initial concept, to those personalised touches that you must have – we allow you to create the perfect landscape, personalised and created for you. Whatever your needs and preferences are towards your garden or other location, we have the team and tools to help you achieve your dream.

When working within landscape design, you take into account a whole range of other services. Services such as surveys, drainage, garden design and many more help to create the landscape design package and that’s exactly what we do. We take all these aspects of outdoor / gardening life and combine them to create one truly amazing service. Landscape Design is about taking something from your head – the perfect idea – and transforming that into something you can walk on, touch, smell and feel. We are proud to offer such a fantastic service and can’t wait to see what you create.

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