Garden Design & Landscaping Manchester

City Garden Doctors are proud to present our garden buildings service.

Having an outdoor building can add a new level to your garden and gives you another reason to appreciate and use your outdoor space. We offer a variety of different garden and outdoor buildings that you can choose from and we design and create our buildings with the customers in mind, meaning you get exactly what you ask for.

We use different materials when designing and creating the many outdoor buildings we offer, from timber to metal and beyond, whatever you need, we can help.


Our team is dedicated and experienced, meaning you will get a quality product no matter what you are after. Garden buildings come in many shapes and forms, from garden sheds to summerhouses, greenhouses and beyond, meaning there is always something you can create and be proud of. Wherever you are a vegetable grower, plant enthusiast, DIY expert or just enjoy having that extra bit of scenery in your garden, a outdoor building can be the perfect answer.

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