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Since we started in 2006 we have under our belts various accomplished landscaping projects. From more modest and simple paving, fencing or planting jobs to full garden makeovers – so if you are after professional, competent and reliable landscaping specialist you have just found one! Check us out!



Why choose us?

Top quality service
Great choice of materials and almost unlimited design options
Very competitive prices
Trained and Qualified staff – As we treat our mission quite seriously we put a lot of effort in adequate training of our staff members. Every member of our permanent staff benefits from a ongoing quality and safety training and if not already formally qualified is automatically enrolled by us onto Manchester College Horticulture and Landscaping courses to achieve a minimum of a Level 2 diploma in those subjects.

Quality backed by Marshall’s Register and – For your benefit we have also put ourselves under the scrutiny of such industry leading nationwide organisations. Participation in these schemes oblige us to follow the best standards in the industry.
Our work is regularly inspected by the above organisations and checked for accordance with high standards for which we stand.
All our qualifying landscaping work comes with a minimum of 2 years materials and labour warranty! We also give all our clients an opportunity to take advantage from very best offer on Warranty Insurance. Please don’t hesitate to ask for details – Contact your Garden Doctors today!



Why would you want to spend money on your garden? A few good reasons:

  • How about you? Yes, ‘you’ the main good reason – you can have a practical, functional and economical solution to YOUR needs. Would it feel right to look out of your window with ‘Ooh YES!’ rather then O.M.G. on your mind? It may come to the fact that you need a practical driveway for your car or the fences put right. How about a patio at the back? Is yours one that you smile at when having your breakfast in the morning sun like our customers do? What is there in your back garden to lounge on or to have a meal? How about being able to use your patio all year round whatever the weather? We have got the solution. It takes just a moment to contact your Garden Doctors today for details of our All Year Round Gardens.
  • How about your loved ones? Are they a good reason? What about their ‘Ooh YES!’ to a weekend breakfast in the sun? How about a great outdoor space for a cup of tea with your family or friends and extra space for parties? We can build a child friendly garden that can not only entertain your young ones but also accommodate their interests and educate.
  • And how about the ‘M’ word for a reason? Did you know that a well designed and landscaped garden can easily add extra 10% to the value of almost any property? Honey, that is a ‘big Money’ to be made right in front of your door, isn’t it?


Brain surgery is not exactly the area of our expertise nevertheless results we get in the garden department can be stunning!  Offering top quality materials we turn our own bespoke designs as well as designs provided by customers (after necessary consultations) into real gardens. We can build your beautiful new patio. We can cover the patio area with a well made pergola with (or without) a roof and wind blocking sides to maximise the usability of your new space. Now with an added source of heat you can have a great outdoor space available to you all year round. Let us take care of all your garden needs.


Garden Makeovers

Best results are achieved when in given garden we are able to do a complete makeover. That is changing and matching stylistically all or most elements. We know that for many people funds can be a big issue and therefore if this is your issue we would still suggest to have a full garden design (see the prices) done and after that doing the whole project in stages. Although all in all this solution is a bit more expensive but it will give you the ideal garden that you are looking for.

Are you looking for less then a complete Garden Makeover?

If that is the case often just a few elements changed or added can join the whole garden together to give it a continuity of style and this way a more harmonious look and refreshed feel. We are happy to offer our advice.


Typically a complete Landscaping project can be divided into the following stages:

  • Ground Work stage 1 — aggregate and soil supply, levelling and initial site clearance of all building debris, excavation for an irrigation system, electrical cables and drainage as well as their installation
  • Ground Work stage 2 — laying of all types of pavements, garden paths, driveways, yards, perimeter, etc.
  • Construction — building of retaining walls, stairs, garden ponds, waterfalls, small architecture, lighting, fencing, irrigation system, etc.
  • Soft Landscaping — include planting trees, shrubs, perennials, climbers, annuals, mulching, laying weed membrane, creating lawns (from sowing or from a roll).
  • Handover – at this stage we take time to make sure that our customers know exactly what and when to do in relation to aftercare and maintenance of all installations, constructions and plants. Whenever required we provide them in writing.

We pride ourselves in highest quality workmanship therefore our services must come with a 100% SATISFACTION! For your peace of mind ALL OUR WORK AND MATERIALS WE USE IN HARD LANDSCAPING ARE COVERED BY OUR STANDARD FREE 2 YEARS WARRANTY and in many cases we offer an EXTENDED 5 and 10 YEARS WARRANTY! (Please ask for details)
Would you like to know costs of landscaping? Please check our prices!
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