At City Garden Doctors, we are proud to present our driveways Manchester service. We know that finding somewhere to park your car can be in many areas not all that easy. If you have enough space on your property the answer to this problem is a simple one: get a driveway. If you already have a driveway that does not meet your needs we can also modify its shape or size, resurface or repair giving it a new lease of life.

Whatever you need, here at City Garden Doctors, we are happy to help with any driveway related queries.

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We work with you through the initial design and concept stages and continue to work with you, right up to the point where your new driveway is fully completed – taking your personal needs into consideration and what personal preferences you would like to have.
We have many different variations on the driveway service itself.
There are many different materials that can be used for driveways: concrete slabs, natural stone slabs or pavers, a mixture of both, gravel, slate and many more.
There is a limitless number of possibilities that we can create for you from a wide range of materials, colours, patterns and designs to suit any taste and requirement – to give you a truly unique driveway.

Driveway Design Service

Driveway designs have changed over the years and we have kept up with this – if you want the standard square shaped driveway, so be it, but you could also expand on this. Adding curves or features can be beneficial, depending on what your building layout is like. Our outstanding design service can help towards complete satisfaction with the end result making sure your money couldn’t be spent better.

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Permeable Paving

We offer also a choice of Marshall’s permeable paving to help you with protecting our environment and matching the new legislation requirements. If permeable paving is something you require please give us a call so we can show you our catalogue with the latest choice.

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Whatever you need, we have you covered.


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